Enchanting lights in the Botanic Garden!


Tickets in presale (no queues)

Only for sale at the cash desk Main Entrance (Nieuwelaan 38) during opening hours of the Botanic Garden 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

All seasons are beautiful in the Botanic Garden and each should be celebrated with a festival: Floridylle! The festival is full of great activities to welcome in the new season! The Botanical Garden will put its best foot forward. Seasonal plants will be placed in the spotlight while we lead you through the most beautiful places in the Garden to highlight the full glory of the season.

Winter Floridylle

Winter is here and the nights are long and dark. The ground is somber and cold, with the occasional thin layer of snow or frost. Deep within the soil plants lie waiting, withdrawn into their roots and bulbs. The introspective trees ponder, their branches bare and firm in the air. Seeds waiting for better days to spring to life. And all the while they sleep, dreaming of spring. They desire light and heat, a cool breeze through their branches. They dream of flourishing and blooming in the sultry summer nights. Waiting for the sun to warm the earth. Come to the Winter Floridylle and join the dreams of plants …



Not to be missed

Four nights of pure magic

The Botanic Garden in Meise will enchant you four nights long during the darkest days of the year. You can walk along enchanting light and sound systems, embracing you in pure magic. The illuminated trees seem to dance around, and the winter dream of Crocuses and water lilies is brought to life in a magical play of colour and light.

Wintry drinks and tasty treats

At the Winter Village, on the lovely Pachthof, around the fire pits, you can choose your own winter treat at the various food trucks. And the stand of the Orangerie ,at the Pachthof, offers wintry cold & hot drinks, soup, hotdogs, hamburges … and desserts.

The Orangerie itself is not open during the four nights of the Winter Floridylle.

Fireshow: Dragon!

Man is hunting the last dragon on earth. One last time, the dragon dazzles the starry sky with a powerful fire. Then he extinguishes under a blazing rain of sparks …

A wonderful fireshow by Compagnie Agartha.

In front of the Castle

duration: 30 min.

7:30 pm

9:00 pm

10:30 pm


Ongoing activities

During the day, you will also experience the magic of the Botanic garden in winter. Surprising exhibitions, marvelling at the stately beauty of the conifers or tracking King Amaryllo with your kids…

The regular admission prices apply during the day

The Botanic garden is closed 25 December end 1 & 2 January.

Wonderful Winter Adventures with King Amaryllo

Amaryllo is the King of Botania. He lives in the Castle in the Botanic Garden and reigns over all the flowers, plants and trees in the Plant Kingdom. But just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean all Amaryllo’s subjects are asleep! He is leaving his cosy winter Castle especially for you to share the secrets of Botania with you.

Collect you Amaryllo leaflet at the counter.

24.12.16 – 31.03.17

Conifer Walk

Come and discover our winter treasures.

Free leaflet in Dutch or French From December 1st till January 15th.





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Tickets in presale (no queues)

Only for sale at the cash desk Main Entrance (Nieuwelaan 38) during opening hours of the Botanic Garden 9:30 am – 4:30 pm



Winter Floridylle evenings: 3-6 January 2018

  • from 6:00 to 11:00 pm.
  • Last entrance 9:00 pm.
  • Accessibility: The 2 km route is wheelchair and baby buggy accessible.
  • Only the main entrance  is open, the entrance Meise Village is closed for this event.
  • Fireshow: 7:30 pm, 9:00 pm; 22:30 pm




  • Individual ticket (from 18 year): € 7
  • 60+, persons with disabilities and groups > 15 people: € 6
  • Students, Individual Year card, Individual Year Card Gold, 1 + 3 Year Card Gold , and residents of Meise: € 3.50
  • 6-17 year : € 1
  • Teacher’s Card: € 3. 50
  • ≤ 5 year and carers of people with disabilities: free


The Botanic Garden Meise is 92 hectares in the north of Brussels and comprises some 18,000 plant species. It is one of the largest plant collections in the world. It is also a renowned research institute, specializing in the coffee family, central Africa and tropical mushrooms, amongst others. There is always something to discover in this beautiful domain. Visit the Plant Palace, enjoy the show in the medieval castle and marvel at the diversity of the plant kingdom.


Botanic Garden Meise

Domein van Bouchout
Nieuwelaan 38
1860 Meise

tel +32 (0)2 260 09 70



The Botanical Garden is 3 km from the Atomium.
By car: A12 Brussels-Antwerp, exit 3 Meise.
By public transport: from Brussels North train station or the Roi Baudouin metro station (line 6): take the bus ‘De Lijn’ 250 or 251.


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